Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Madi our fantastic videographer for this year, has worked double time since our big night to put together a great piece.  It shows not only us having a great time preparing, marshaling and marching but also us representing lifesaving as an inclusive and progressive organisation.

Watch and enjoy.

Gary, Madi and the Committee

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Hey all,

SBS have released the footage that we recorded in January.  The package was put together and broadcast as part of the Mardi Gras parade, timed to align with our pasasge through Taylor Square.

Watch, enjoy and circulate with your networks.  Be sure to forward it to your own Surf Club and Patrol, and get them to join the blog and the facebook group.

Gary and the Committee

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Hey all,

For those who aren't on the facebook group, and who are luddites with the internet and search engines, here are a selection of photos from Saturday night during the parade.

Thanks a heap to our Photographers Justin and Frances, and to our Videographers Madi and Nikki.  Keep an eye out for our post parade gathering and video night, hopefully in April.

Browse and enjoy.

Gary and the Committee

Monday, March 06, 2017


How much fun was that?

A big thank you to everyone who came in the parade on Saturday.  We had such a magnificent time, and everyone should take pride in the result that we all achieved together.

We faced countless battles to get there this year, from our swimwear provider pulling out, to our generator blowing up at the start, our videographer pulling out with a week to go, the weather threatening to storm all week, to even our post parade pub being closed, but we still got there and produced the most wonderful and welcoming production.  Without you, the participants this would just be ten committee member walking up the road and waving, and looking very dour at that.

Specifically I want to thank

  • Nick, as secretary and manager of the email and blog (this site)
  • Grant as treasurer for continually saying no to my ideas of hiring the Westpac rescue chopper for the night
  • Mick for managing the swimwear, when everyone decides they've changed sizes
  • Mike for arranging Fair Day and driving the van
  • Karen for her social media prowess
  • David for chasing up admin stuff that no one sees, but is invaluable
  • Orlando for doing the online registrations, from Melbourne (but welcome back to Sydney soon)
  • Andrew for arranging the music, providing the whistles and being a great sounding board
  • Bastien for managing the media rehearsal which, regardless of the media attendance, is a big project
  • and the biggest thanks to Wayne for logistics on the day who dealt with our generator crisis.

Take a big breath you guys, you are what makes the parade.  And anyone who wants to come along once a month from Sept for a drink and a laugh, just contact any of the committee.  We'd love to have you join our team.  My ideas are getting stale (except the helicopter - Grant!) so come and let us know your thoughts.

If you didn't see the SBS piece that we filmed on the beach, it is excellent (except for my inclusion which should have been edited out for reasons of taste and dignity).

Check out the 15 shots here from the Gay News Network, although the facebook group has a gazillion others.

Keep an eye out now for our post parade bash, usually in mid April, when we should have the video ready to go.

So relax now, scrub off the glitter, enjoy the memories, spread the word about lifesaving, and keep promoting lifesaving as a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation.  Enjoy the rest of the season down at the beach, and please tell everyone about LWP.  The more the merrier. 

Gary and the Committee

Friday, March 03, 2017


With all the excitement about the LWP entry in this weekend's Mardi Gras, let's not forget how far Surf Life Saving has come in the last ten years.  In order to get permission for the first float, the original committee had to battle some serious unrecognised prejudice within the organisation, and at the club level.  It is only through our collective strength that lifesaving is now a progressive, inclusive and welcoming organisation for our LGBTIQ brethren nationally, and we are fighting the battles one club at a time.

The LWP committee would like to draw our member's attention to the Pride in Sport awards, which "recognise the critical role that our role models play in sending a message of inclusion within sport".  These are national awards and allow for nominations for a range of people.  We draw your attention particularly to two awards, the Ally Award, for someone who is straight, but is a champion for the LGBTIQ community, and the Role Model Award, for someone who is out within their sport, and championing for inclusion within their field.  We would love to see someone from within lifesaving nominated to demonstrate our ongoing endeavours.

Anyone can nominate someone, and we encourage you to each consider someone, both past or present who would be a suitable recipient, and who represents in lifesaving the types of role models that we all aspire to.

The link below has the nomination forms, which are due for submission by 24 March.  Feel free to contact the committee for any assistance with your nomination.

Whether you are marching with LWP or have other plans, have a safe and happy Mardi Gras, and keep spreading the word about lifesaving as inclusive and welcoming.

Gary and the Committee

Thursday, March 02, 2017


We've had our beach rehearsal, and the locals loved it.  Now get ready for the final event.

Everyone, marchers and supporters need to meet this Saturday at Moore Park in front of the Sydney Football Stadium at 4pm.  Here we will do a final rehearsal session with everyone, including our interstate friends.  Supporters will also go over their roles.  From here we will issue our wristbands and move together through the streets to Hyde Park for marshaling.  MG will not let you into marshaling without a wristband so you must be at Moore Park.

If you miss the van, it will be your responsibility to manage your gear.  There is NO storage space on the truck for it.

At Moore Park we will get changed into our parade gear, and store all our bags and equipment in a van.  This van will then head off to park, and we will not see it again until we finish the parade, when we will then retrieve our stiff.

Be sure you have your white shoes, Rival swimwear and lifesaver cap, plus volunteers, should have their uniform.

Let's just pray the rain holds out.  We'll have ponchos if required.

After the parade, we'll head to the Olympic Sports Hotel, only a few 100 meters from the van's final location, for a drink or two to relax and unwind.

And a big, huge thank you to the committee who have worked for months to pull this event together.  Anyone wanting to join the committee for next year should drop me a line.

See you there for a great day.

Gary and the committee

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It's getting close now, and we are all very excited.

Everyone coming on parade day will need to bring their own white shoes.  They can not have other colours on them, as we want all attention on our fantastic dance moves that we have been practising.  This applies to both our marchers, and our supporters.

Anyone not wearing swimwear, will need to wear a lifesaving uniform.  First option is to wear your own, second option is to borrow one from a friend, and finally we will have a few spare the supply.  If you have your own pair of red shorts (not necessarily lifesaver pants) they will be good enough.

And of course bring your red Rival swimwear and your lifesaving cap.

Also bring as little else as possible.  Aim for only bringing the top and pants you'll take off.  We have a stash of ponchos in case they are needed, but hopefully the weather gods are looking kindly on us.  Your gear will go into a van at the rehearsal in the afternoon, and you won't see it again until after the parade.  There will be food and drink for sale in Hyde Park, and we will have water available on the truck.

It's all getting close now!

Gary and the committee.

Monday, February 27, 2017


As usual, we have invited the media along on Wednesday night to film us rehearsing on the beach.  They are always super keen to film us marching in the setting sun, so we would like for all marchers to arrive from 6.30pm, to allow time to change into your swimwear, inflate your beach balls, and be out and on the sand by 7.00pm.  We'll gather first upstairs in the pavilion, in the little area in front of our rehearsal room, beside the bar.  Someone will stay back and mind the bags while we are on the beach.

Regardless of the amount of media turning up, marching on the beach is a great opportunity for us to polish our routine, get used to formation, and travel further than the room allows.

Note that if the weather is inclement, we'll likely just remain in the room.  If you haven't collected your swimmers on the Monday, they will be available beforehand.

Also, anyone volunteering on the parade as a supporter is welcome to come along on Wednesday, and get an understanding of your involvement for Saturday as well.

Gary, Bastien and the Committee

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Unfortunately Mike our ever faithful (until now) videographer, for the past six or seven years, has just found out that he will be out of the country late next week with his work (I usually just get sent to Blacktown with my work!) and will miss the media rehearsal and the parade.

So, if you are, or know of, a budding videographer, and are keen to come along to our media night and the parade, please get in touch with the committee as soon as you can.  We'd love to have you aboard.

We love the memories from the video, and the post parade viewing night is always a lot of fun.

Looking forward to hearing from our enthusiastic film buffs soon.

Gary and the Committee

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Don't forget that the Mardi Gras festival kicks off with Fair Day this coming Sunday 19 February.  This year Fair Day is being held in Camperdown Park in Newtown from 10am.  Lifesavers with Pride will have a stall again, this year being in the Sports Village with the other Team Sydney members.  Again, our main goal is to spread the word about lifesaving within the LGBTQ community, and encourage existing lifesavers to join LWP.

It would be great if we could get a turn out of lifesavers for the day.  We'll need people for about one or two hours each.  Bring your mates and kick back. Bring your uniform, and even better, bring your swimmers, which always brings the crowds.  And if you are just passing through, we'll have some spare uniforms to throw on.

Let us know if you can help out for an hour or so, so we can put a roster together.

Check out the MG website for more details

Gary, Mike and the LWP Committee

The national group of gay and lesbian Australian surf lifesavers and their friends